Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea



It has taken countless batches of sweet tea to get this recipe right. We have suffered through watery tasteless teas, batches of sickly sweet teas, and explored endless boxes of tea brands; until one blissful day we lighted on this final sweet tea recipe, everyone agreed that we had finally found our family recipe.

Sweet Tea


Simple Syrup

  • 3 3/4 cup Hot water

  • 3 3/4 cup Granulated sugar


  • 33 Red Rose™ Tea bags

  • 1 1/2 tsp Baking soda

  • 15 cups Hot water

  • 32 cups Cold water


Gather all your ingredients.

Starting with the simple syrup; in a medium saucepan add 3 3/4 cup of sugar to the 3 3/4 cup of hot water over high heat bring to a boil without a lid on the pot.

Meanwhile, add 15 cups of hot water to a large stock pot and place on a lid. Over high heat, heat the water to just before it simmers. While the water is warming gather tea bags and add to one side of a large pot, add the baking soda on top of the tea bags.

Once the water has warmed add it to the tea bags making sure to not pour directly onto the tea bags, gently push the tea bags under the water to submerse and then pop on a lid and let steep for 7 minutes.

While the tea is steeping use the same large stockpot and add 32 cups of cold water to the pot. Once the tea bags have finished steeping gently without squeezing the bags remove them from the steeping pot with a pair of tongs transferring to a bowl.

Pour the steeped tea into the stockpot of cool water. The simple syrup should be boiling and ready to use, carefully remove the syrup from the stove and add to your stockpot. Sir to combine the mixtures together.

At this point you can put your tea into jugs, or jar of your choice. And pop in the fridge to cool.

What we use.

You will need 6 1.89L recycled washed cranberry juice jugs. Using a large measuring cup and a funnel, funnel the sweet tea into juice jugs. Add your lid or top and refrigerate until cold.

This tea is adaptable too, add fresh squeezed lemons, or plump peaches, sweet raspberries steeped in this tea make a nice addition or add all 3! Lets not forget the abundance of cooling mint leaves.   

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