Homestead Hamburger

Homestead Hamburger



A juicy, simple, quick homemade hamburger was on my radar. I don't like fussing with fancy patty presses, or finicky techniques to form my burger, and I shy away from ingredient overload. These hamburgers come together in 10 minutes or less, they hold together wonderfully whether cooking on a cast iron pan, skillet or BBQ. And they taste DELICIOUS, with the beef flavor complimented by the other ingredients. This is how a hamburger should taste.

Homestead Hamburger


  1. 5lbs Medium or lean ground beef

  2.  5-6 Sun-dried tomatoes in oil (chopped)

  3. 2 Green onion (sliced in thin rings) Or 2 TBSP dried

  4. 2 tsp Garlic chopped (about 2 cloves)

  5. 1 Egg

  6. 3 TBSP bread crumbs

  7. 1 or 2 dashes Wrocestershire sauce

  8. 1 dash Hot pepper sauce

  9. Salt and Pepper to taste


*Gently mix the ground beef, sun-dried tomatoes, green onions, garlic, egg, bread crumbs, Worchestershire sauce, salt and pepper together in a bowl.

Form into 8 loose, equal balls. (as we have younger children we like to make some patties smaller and we cook them just a minute less) Form each ball into 1/2 inch patties, taking care to make sure the edges of the patties have no cracks in them.

Cook the hamburger on a hot skillet, bbq, or cast iron pan for 5 minutes on one side, flip and cook another 5 minutes on the other side, add any cheese if using; about 2 minites before finished cooking. The key here is only flipping your hamburger once.

Serve the hamburgers on homemade buns (these are the ones we make) or on split english muffins (our recipe coming soon) And add all of your fixings!


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