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White Icicle Radish

This radish is also known as an Oriental and Chinese radish. The icicle radish is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean region. It was taken to China some 500 B.C and cultivated there. Be sure to supply the icicle radish with plenty of water to keep it crisp.


  • Sun: Full Sun

  • Spacing: 2-3"

  • Height: 8-12"

  • Days to Maturity: 25-27

  • Sow: Directly Outdoors

  • Season: Cool

How To

Add fresh manure and turn into the soil. When planting a long row of radishes it's best to work with a string line to keep the rows straight. If sowing into a planter box or small area, a board works well to keep the rows straight. Sow your radish seeds 1/2 inch deep and 1" apart. This seedlings to 4" after seedlings are around 2" tall.

Be sure to keep radishes moist and avoid letting them dry out, this is two fold as they will become pungent and difficult to eat, too little water may also cause radishes to bolt as well. Be sure not to over water radishes or the roots may rot. Radishes are ready to harvest in 25-27 days.

For a continual harvest consider succession planting in 1 week intervals. This allows for a continual harvest of fresh radishes.

Did you know?

Radishes are a beneficial plant to plant with cucumbers, peppers, squash, as they draw aphids flea beetles, and other pets away. Turning in a little hard wood ash with your radishes helps to retain moisture and keeps the maggots away.

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