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Chantenay Carrot

The red cored Chantenay Carrot is an excellent carrot to grow if your soil is heavy. However it still performs exceptionally is light loamy soils too. The roots average around 6" long and have a red core. These carrots are excellent for soups, freezing, canning and storage; in fact they sweeten up the longer they are in storage.


  • Sun: Full Sun

  • Spacing: 18-24"

  • Height: 8-10"

  • Days to Maturity: 65

  • Sow: Direct Sow Outside

  • Season: Spring/Summer/Fall

How To

All carrot varieties do best when planted in the spring, as the hot weather of summer causes carrot seedlings not to sprout carrots can be a finicky crop our first few attempts didn't come up. Sow your carrot seeds in early spring in well draining soil. Clear soil from rocks, debris, sticks etc. this is to ensure a elongated carrot. a when a carrots roots touch a object in the soil they tend to "go around" that object twisting and swirling, and while not detrimental to the carrot; as it's still edible, straight carrots are ideal for a longer, healthier storage.

Scrape shallow 1/4 - 1/8" furrows on either side of the row, mounding the soil in to the center of the (see picture below) cover over with a thin layer of soil. Carrots can take a while to germinate, be sure to weed as needed.

The black line on either side of the orange lines is a mound of soil, this helps to shade and protect the seedlings; which are planted on either side of the mound.

Once seedlings come up be sure to thin the carrots to around 2-3" apart this allow proper air flow, and helps to keep your carrots

For a longer harvest, stagger your planting s every 2-3 weeks.

Did you know?

There is a fly that loves carrots? When thinning out your seedlings be sure to collect them all and discard them away from your crop, otherwise the carrot fly will come and cause damage to your carrots. Another way to deter the carrot fly is to remember to rotate your crops, and plant your carrots near onions, leeks, rosemary, sage or wormwood, as these plants repel the carrot fly.

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