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Cherry Radishes

The Cherry Belle Radish is an heirloom vegetable, it has been around since the BEFORE the early Roman era, and was widely used in Asia. This small radish reaches around 1-1/4 inches in diameter and has a mild spicy kick to it. We love to sauté our radishes until tender you can find the recipe HERE


  • Sun: Full Sun

  • Spacing: 4-6"

  • Height: 3"

  • Days to Maturity: 20-30

  • Sow: Directly Outdoors

  • Season: Cold

How To

Radishes can be planted in a pot on a balcony, or in a larger plot garden. We plant them in our raised beds.

When planting radishes we like to start with soil that has been lightly turned, with aged compost turned in. Radishes are a great plant to sow in succession; meaning when you sow your seeds you will plant half of the desired amount of seeds, and about 2 weeks or so later sow the other half, this leaves one with a harvest 2 times in the 20-30 day period of growth.

Plant your radishes relatively close together, about 4-6" apart 1/2 in deep in the soil, and cover with soil. Water your radishes to ensure the soil doesn't dry out.

Did you Know?

Radish are best when planted with melons, asparagus, peas, and root crops. Keep in mind that radishes deter cucumber beetle and nasturtiums improve radishes flavor and asparagus.. Lettuce will help to keep radishes tender as radishes has a tendency to get "woody" and hard.

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