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Oak Leaf Lettuce

Oak leaf lettuce is an heirloom variety of lettuce and readily reproduces seeds. Oak leaf is a loose leaf style lettuce producing smaller "oak leaf" shaped leaves, that look delightful in mix salads. Like all lettuces it prefers cool weather temperatures, however can withstand summer temps when given part shade or planted on the east side of a garden.


  • Sun: Sun/Partial Sun

  • Spacing: 8-10"

  • Height: 2-3"

  • Days to Maturity: 55-65

  • Sow: Directly Sow

  • Season: Spring/Fall/Winter

How To

When planting Oak Leaf lettuce it's best to sow no less than 8-10" apart. Using string lines ensures even rows, however this is optional. We like to plant lettuce with succession planting; meaning when we sow our seeds we plant in 1-2 week intervals, this leaves us with a continual harvest throughout the growing months. Another great aspect of this (and most lettuce) is you can harvest the leaves to eat sooner as you don't have to wait for the main head of lettuce to be ready to harvest.

Finally keep in mind lettuces need a lot of water to grow, this is especially true when growing in the summer months; as too little water and it could force your lettuce to bolt! So keep the water flowing and prolong the dreaded bolt!

Did you know?

Lettuce doesn't enjoy the high heat of summers even here in the North. So when planting lettuces plant them beside your tomatoes, not only do the tomatoes provide the shade needed to keep lettuces from bolting, they are a companion plant, and benefit each other with a symbiotic relationship.

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