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Muscle Rub

Lets be honest here, sore muscles are a constant companion on a working farm, and nothing does it away quicker than a hot bath, and a massage. This muscle rub is the where the massage part comes in, it's a melty, and smooth rub with a scent that is as equally as soothing as the rub itself.

It's important that what you put on your body as much as it is what you put in it; This rub has whole ingredients that are easy to source if you don't already have them in your pantry or apothecary.

"Simple whole ingredients"

Each ingredient has it's purpose in this rub, the breakdown is as follows:

Beeswax to help solidify the rub

Coconut oil un processed is used to carry the essential oils

Eucalyptus essential oil for it's anti-inflammatory properties

Peppermint essential oil to help relieve pain and relax muscles

Frankincense essential oils boosts circulation prevents cartilage degeneration and is an anti-inflammatory as well.

Lavender essential oil for it's antiseptic, pain relief, and joint pain healing properties as well as the aromatherapy and relaxing scent properties.

Vitamin E oil is used to preserve the oils in the rub

That's it, natural, unprocessed ingredients.



A little goes a long way, I usually get about a years worth of massages out of this one recipe.

Yields 4oz


4 tsp Beeswax

1 cup Coconut Oil (unrefined)

5 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil

5 drops Peppermint essential oil

5 drops Lavender essential oil

5 drops Frankincense essential oil

2 drops Vitamin E oil

4oz Wide mouth mason jar and lid


Gently melt was and coconut oil in a small sauce pan over medium heat, being careful not to over heat as the coconut oil will brown, if the oils are too hot to the touch cool slightly.

Add essential oils and vitamin E oil to the coconut and beeswax stirring gently to combine. Pour off the mixture into the mason jar and cool.

You can place it in the fridge to cool quicker if needed.


This rub is a tender solid consistency and it is easily scooped out of the jar, however it will melt slightly in warmer weather. If you want your oil more solid add more beeswax to your liking. Your not limited to the oils used here in the recipe, you can also use pine, sandalwood, patchouli etc. I recommend staying away from acidic oils such a orange, lemongrass etc. as these can cause burns if exposed to the sun.

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