Sweet Peppers

California Wonder Pepper is a thick walled old time heirloom pepper and is actually the standard of bell peppers. These peppers are a sweet pepper that has a thick wall and superior crunch. When fully mature the California wonder pepper goes from green to a bright red, and the Golden variety similarly goes from green to golden yellow.


  • Sun: Full Sun

  • Spacing: 12-18"

  • Height: 12-18"

  • Days to Maturity: 75

  • Sow: Start Indoors

  • Season: Summer

How To

Start your California Wonder pepper seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before your last frost date. Plant your seeds no deeper than a 1/4 inch into the soil into individual cells. You can transfer the plants to larger pots once the plants have established it's first 2 new leaves. Be sure to keep the soil warm during germination and while starting seeds to ensure proper germination as peppers love warmth and will thrive in such conditions. Be sure to plant out young pepper plants after several sets of true leaves have set, and only once the low temperature stay above 65°. Staking may be necessary once plants reach there full height to ensure the fruit doesn't topple the plants over.

California Wonder peppers usually take around 75 days to maturity, and harvest usually occurs for us in mid to late August.

Did you know?

Peppers in general are good companions to carrots, beans, cucumbers, radishes, eggplant, basil parsley onions, beets radishes, lettuce and tomatoes. Do not plant peppers near fennel as they don't do well together. Peppers and tomatoes do well together however avoid planting tomatoes where peppers were planted the previous year.