Image by Landis Brown


Homesteading is more than just growing vegetables, canning, and raising livestock. We make soaps, healing salves, ointments, sew and pretty much DIY whatever we can to save money, which makes us electricians, carpenters, bakers, cheese and candlestick makers. Here you will find tutorials, videos, recipes, and more.


From start to finish, we walk you through the craft of soap making. From simple washing soap, to luxurious face soap. 

Soap making is as simple or artistic as you want to make it. But first you need to know the basics. Learn about superfat, lye types and proper usages, cold process and hot process soap and much more. 

Cheese Making

Cheese making is a lost art. Come find that passion for making hard and soft cheeses. No dairy cow needed.

From making Chevre, ricotta, farmers cheeses, to hard cheddar and parmesan. We detail how we make our cheese, and other dairy products.


A valuable resource that can be foraged from the land or grown right in your own backyard.

Medicinal herbs can be intimidating, we grow medicinals here on the farm. While we in no way recommend specific herbs for ailments, we instead outline the best way we grow, forage, harvest, and store them for our own personal use.