Our Farm Animals

A lot of love and care goes into each one of our animals.


We have an assortment of purebred hens and roos, hatching eggs, eating eggs.


We also offer fresh duck eggs for eating and hatching. Our ducks are rare gold phase Welsh Harlequin we have hens and drakes as well as ducklings.

Looking for bunnies? We have a mixed breed of rabbits for eating, as well as Erench/English angora fiber rabbits.



Banty's, Japaneese Banty's and Rode Island Red are our birds of choice.

Whether your looking for chickens, chicks, cockrels. Give us a call to find out what we have in stock, whats up and coming, and any new additions to the farm


A good breed of duck will clean the garden of slugs, while leaving the foliage, the eggs are high in omega 3 making them great for paleo dieters.

We breed and raise Welsh Harlequin ducks, a rare breed indeed; this breed is excellent for meat, eggs and the ladies are excellent mothers. Give us a call to find out whats in stock.


White, black, tan, brown, we have an array of colorful bunnies

Here on the homestead our Coco and Lavender are our momma bunnies, and dad is Ban. This trio gives us baby's throughout the breeding season. Give us a call to see what or who's available.


Calico, long haired, clack and white, ornage and stripes. Our kittens have it all.

Alberta is her name and kittens are her game. We love our Birdie every now and again she has a beautiful litter of calico kittens. Check out past litters and up and coming ones too.

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