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Hi there, we are on Vacation!


Come follow us on Instagram as we renovate an abandoned church in Southern Indiana

Image by Kenny Eliason

Pure bred Heritage Rode Island Reds and heritage Silver Laced Wyandots.

Whether your looking for chickens, chicks, cockrels. Give us a call to find out what we have in stock, whats up and coming, and any new additions to the farm

Ducks & Geese

We breed and raise gold phase Welsh Harlequin ducks. And Sebastopol geese.

We sell mature ducks, ducklings, hatching and eating eggs. As well as Mature geese, goslings, hatching and eating eggs.


We raise English Angora fiber rabbits

The Angora fiber is silky like cashmere. Here we raise and sell grey and white adult and baby bunnies.


Long haired Calico cats and kittens of all colors

We raise Calico cats and kittens, each litter is different with markings from orange and white, black and white, calico and more.

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